Friday, June 26, 2015

Design Miami Basel: Finishing Touches

In the entrance area of ​​the Unlimited, who curated the exhibition of the Art Basel art fair last turned the German physicist artist Julius von Bismarck zentrifugalstabilisiert on a furnished with wooden table and chair sparse disk in a circle. The belletristic droves stopped and settled by Bismarck dizzy provoking presentation at the edge of a sales event, were offered on the art with a total value of over three billion euros, entertain willingly. Doing business just fatigued.
A few meters away, in another hall of the exhibition center, you could not quite as much money as at Art Basel, it would of Bismarck there easily can muster a little less spartan furniture: Parallel to the art fair took namely, for now the tenth time , the Design Miami Basel held, so the Swiss branch of the Florida-based in design fair. And while it is at least of the purchased for investment purposes at Art Basel art works, they would just move into one of the major Swiss art storage, the design objects are probably actually find in their great majority in a housing inlet.
A house made ​​of paper. The audience, however, is challenging, and as well as the Design Miami Basel did not come from without like curated accompanying program. So was responsible for the American real estate and hotel tycoon Andre Balazs, origineller- in the booklet and not entirely incorrectly reported as "architecture collector", the exhibition "Design at Large": This gathered very large-sized objects at the interface between (precast) Architecture, Design and art, often with a gazebo character. Also present was about the "Original dwelling" of the studio van Lieshout, which is represented in the context of the Design in London and Paris-based Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Side note, the subject sometimes verschwimmender limits fit between art and design: On the Art Basel Atelier van Lieshout was also found, but since the state of the Viennese gallery Krinzinger.
Can also be seen in "Design at Large" were a papierenes teahouse by Pritzker Prize-winning Shigeru Ban and the "Total Filling Station" by Jean Prouvé, represented by the Parisian Galerie Patrick Seguin. One floor higher then the sale exhibition - if you want to use the vile word: In the state of Seguin a Prouvé pavilion with furniture by Charlotte Perriand was again seen; a reminder that the exhibition curated by Balazs pieces are also for sale (just like on the Unlimited at Art Basel by the way). A total of 45 design galleries exhibited at Design Miami Basel, in many places there were mainly classics of the 20th century to see. From time to time, as at Carpenters Workshop, also contemporary works, mostly editions or unique pieces - among other things by the Paris-based Austrian Robert Stadler.Next to it stood chairs by Franz West, while apropos Austria, the exhibition area of ​​the New Yorker Patrick Parrish Gallery was entirely dedicated to the Atelier Carl Auböck.
Who was interested in design impulses from the Far East, was about find the prior resident in Los Angeles and Beijing Gallery All: With Zhoujie Zhang, and Melissa Flores Alcantara Naihan Li and Chen Lu three young creatives are issued, all of whom have received their training in Europe or America and now have returned to their homeland, where at least Zhang also teaching at a university.
As nonkommerzielle loosening in between there were posts that were part of the design Curio program: Partners of the fair had invited creatives to exhibit in a booth. The Art-Online platform Artsy turned around to the Swiss product designer Sibylle Stöckli, who presented their results in Basel "Global Research Project" and, as the organizers, at the same time should ensure access to the Swiss creative scene.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Miami makes more of New York: comparing the choice to buy for rent in six major cities

Buy real estate for investment purposes and performance, as an alternative to financial assets: a widespread habit among Italians before the crisis and which has since waned, indeed, between taxes, constraints and difficulties in finding tenants solvents, who today different real estate in Italy would lighten. And it is perhaps for this reason that in many, in recent years, having the disposable income have opted for a cross-border real estate purchase. But where it makes the most of the brick? While driving the choice of location in which to buy is not the pure "money", not easy to find points of reference and international comparison, so that Il Sole 24 Ore asked elaboration exclusive portal , which is part of the large worldwide group Rea.
The development is detailed and takes account of the neighborhoods and the city, in every country, with the best returns, which are intended gross of fees and expenses and, therefore, as the ratio between the value of the property and any income from lease. In addition to Milan and Rome, we have chosen France (Paris), the UK (London), the US (New York and Miami). And to win the race of annual returns is precisely Miami, perhaps the most young in terms of discovery of purchase for investment and one that can combine the reliability of the use of capital in the United States and an attractive climate all year round .
Miami had stopped abruptly with the Great Depression-estate the years after 2007 and prices fell, especially in locations less valuable; However, at the same time, it was the first area to recover. Now, thanks to a major master plan of development of the area in front of a strong downtown and continuing influx of capital from Latin America, as well as from the Far East, the real estate business not only resumed in full swing, but We are starting once again to sell "on paper". The rents are high thanks to the continuous demand for houses leased restaurant where quality and sophistication, so that Miami sits on top of the charts of cities in which to invest for real estate returns: "Suffice to say that at the level of entire county average yields are around 10%, "says Daniele Mancini. In the district of Little Havana yield is 7.8% annual average, Downtown (where are focusing today purchases) are at 7.3 percent. In South Beach, the sophisticated resort par excellence, but it comes down to 5.8%, because the purchase prices are much higher. But what impact fees and expenses? "Both here, both in New York _ _ says Mancini must take into account a weight of about 50%, although it is difficult to generalize, and much depends on the owner and the types of services that has the property."
A New York In March of this year, rents in Manhattan increased by 1.7% from the previous month and the average rent for an apartment is today of $ 3,900 (approximately EUR 3,480) per month. The supply of housing for rent in Manhattan is developing especially in the areas of Soho, the Financial District, Tribeca and Harlem. "The annual change of the royalties highest was recorded today in Harlem (+ 18% on March 2014), while Greenwich Village is the neighborhood where rents in a year have lost 2.7%. Referring to an apartment with two bedrooms, now rents more expensive you pay in Soho and Tribeca, depending also on the presence or absence of the "doorman", ie the services officer courtesy and safety that is parked at the entrance of buildings in New York, "says Daniele Mancini, general manager of European operations Rea Group and of In a building with a doorman rents in SoHo for a three-room they are on average of $ 7,900 per month, without "doorman" you pay an average rent of $ 6,700 monthly. Even in Tribeca rents are included in a range between 5,000 and $ 7,000 per month. Investing in Manhattan does not give a lot of satisfaction in terms of returns: do not ever get the yields higher than the 3.5% annual gross. Higher yields obtainable in other urban centers around the island of Manhattan as the Bronx or Queens where annual returns are on average higher than 5.5%. A Brooklyn instead the investor market has already saturated the demand and the possibility of obtaining yields above 4% are very rare.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Monday, January 5, 2015

The real estate boom in Miami the French dream

Those who have invested in Miami real estate market are rubbing their hands. Prices jumped 12.5% ​​in one year. Yet Florida was one of the hardest hit by the housing crisis states. Today, the strength of the US economy (3.9% growth in the third quarter) boosts the market and construction. "We sold in three months the first round of our Paraiso Biscayne Bay program," said Carlos F. Rosso, president of the American developer Related."We have clients on the waiting list for investing in the second round, which will be placed on the market," adds Adam Redolfi, Barnes. In good neighborhoods of the town, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Miami Beach and the islands of the bay, the competition is tough to afford a house on the water.Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias (a star in Latin America) live there."A 2.8-hectare property with its mangrove is selling $ 65 million," says William Pierce, at Coldwell Banker. And new neighborhoods emerge. To each his budget with $ 250,000, one can find an art deco boutique studio. $ 500,000 with a 3-room. The prices have not recovered their highest, they are at the level of 2004. But investing overseas can not be improvised. This includes properly assess the costs and taxation (property tax weighs nearly 2% of the price). Many sites boast goods to attractive yields, sometimes too much."Be careful not to get trapped by buying goods for resale impossible," warns a professional.

Moving to the USA, a good deal

Sylvain Bignon is the proud owner of Green Street Cafe in Miami. "I arrived there twenty years. I failed, I started from scratch by working in a sandwich shop and I created this coffee, then a second.Today, this represents $ 15 million in revenue, "he says. While at home, 35 hours are subject to debate, says her fight for its employees do not work too much. Too good to be true? The American dream does not always end well, but it exists. London and Asia are not the only places in the world that attract French willing to undertake. "Here you have to work, but everything is possible. One third of our clientele is made up of French 40 to 50 years old who want to start their own business in Florida, "said Thibault de Saint Vincent, president of Barnes, who knows the area.
Immigration policy is pragmatic. "The best way to become a resident is to invest in the United States by buying a business or expanding one and creating jobs," said Nicolas Billaud, who has just left Neuilly to start a new life in Barnes. Today, it selects the companies in which could invest the French who want to start their lives in Florida.