Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sofia Vergara in Cutout Bikini: Sexy Miami vacation!

The Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara showed off her sexy curves in an eye-popping swimsuit as she posed on a boat in Miami today.
Sofia Vergara posted this week in their 'Whosay' profile of this is that, in the "Winter" holiday displays on a yacht in Miami. With a normal Christmas in the cold, some stars give just not satisfied.
The body they wore during the brief photo session no more than a cutout-bikini her great body brings more advantage. For many men, is likely to be the fulfilling his dream simply to see this woman in this outfit.
To the image Vergara wrote quite simply "holyday". Sun, beach and sea are obviously also for the beautiful Colombian the greatest fulfillment. Moreover, she has her son and her boyfriend Nick Loeb . in tow, with whom she has been engaged since July this year also
Her fans falling over themselves with compliments - a certain Lauren commented, "Sofia looks great, and fit tightly. :) "
Fan Nemer wrote, "You look very sexy." Another commentator said, "You look fantastic. This is a great swimsuit, but you would make everyone look good. I wish I was where you are now. "
Sofia Vergara is one of the leading actresses in the U.S. hit series "Modern Family". With her ​​role as Gloria it is for the upcoming SAG & People's Choice Award nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. We wish good luck!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kournikova and Iglesias enjoy the sun in Miami

Курникова и Иглесиас наслаждаются лучами солнца в Майами (фото)Celebrity couple was photographed during the yachting holidayLovers enjoy each other's company, not paying attention to reporters.recall that Anna and Enrique started dating in 2001. In an interview, Henry admitted that he is in no hurry to marry: "I do not believe that the stamp in your passport to change anything - says the singer - I guess I have a negative attitude toward marriage, because my parents are divorced. I do not think you can love someone more just because of a piece of paper with the seal. "

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Miami issues bonds for $ 45 million to pay for the tunnel Read more here: http:

Miami issues bonds for $ 45 million to pay for the tunnel
"Despite two federal investigations into the finances of the City of Miami  and a recent wave of criticism of the Department of Finance, on Thursday city officials announced the successful sale of about $ 45 million in bonds in time to pay your share of the cost of excavate the Miami Port Tunnel."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Miami Latin American millionaires parked and look for "bargains" in Spanish property

The Latin American fortunes begin to turn their eyes to the Spanish property market, following strong price adjustment that has been producing in recent years.
In fact, several of these great fortunes are already contacting some of the largest Spanish banks like Santander , theBBVA or Caixabank , among others, to hear their real estate portfolios, as this newspaper has learned from banking sources.
Some of these families are the richest in the world, according to the latest Forbes magazine, due to the economic recovery of the continent in recent years, with growth rates much higher than European or American.
Elike Batista Billionaire families
and these millionaire families also have investments in many economic sectors very buoyant. These are the Cisneros of Venezuela, the Santodomingo or Sarmiento of Colombia, or Luksic Piñera of Chile, the Salinas, Bailleres and even Carlos Slim of Mexico, or Safra , Salles or Batista of Brazil, among others, already discussed investment property in our country. The global economic and financial crisis does not prevent them from growing large Latin American fortunes. On the contrary, in that region, according to Forbes, there are 62 owners of more than 1,000 million, between 1226 billionaires individual holders of more than 1,000 million dollars. The richest in Latin America are concentrated in Brazil and Mexico. Followers Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela. Among the ten largest fortunes in the world where there is only one Spanish, the owner of Inditex , Amancio Ortega at number five, two Latin American millionaires, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, on the number one, and the Brazilian Eike Batista at number seven. FLORIDA FOCUS OF ATTRACTION All these families of South America, along with many of his compatriots medium / high, recent years have been the most responsible for the revival of Miami real estate market in South Florida, but due to higher sales and they are putting expensive. Real estate investments diverted there by the high prices of their own local markets due to the economic boom. So now analyze Spain, but according to some real estate experts are still a bit high prices in our country, for what they want, but in the very short term there will be many possibilities. The rise of the economies of South America, with rates 5% growth, combined with the appreciation of their currencies against a weakening dollar and political uncertainty in some countries, have been the origin of these massive investment properties in Florida, now might deviate largely to Spain. The mortgage crisis in the U.S. housing market collapsed across the country and especially in Florida. The calculation was that Miami would need more than ten years to recover and sell all built during the construction boom from 2003 to 2007.However, according to promoters of Miami, sales were reactivated since 2010 and have sold about 80%. In fact, it's buying spree has revitalized the real estate business in Miami, where developers are now introducing new building projects.
The Venezuelans, perhaps also by political instability in the country of Hugo Chavez leading the phenomenon. According to the Association of Realtors in Miami, Venezuelans were the biggest buyers in 2011, accounting for 15% of all sales to foreign customers, closely followed by Brazilians and Argentines.In 2011, home sales in Miami real estate market rose by 46% compared to 2010, which has alleged that beginning on or prices recover.
Something is changing in SPAIN
Regarding Spain. There is much evidence to show that foreign sales are recovering, but also has many European buyers. Real estate activity in our country has moderated in the third quarter of 2012 to fall, to rates not seen for almost two years, as evidenced by recent data from the Ministry of Development. Between June and September, existing home sales fell 1.17% year on year up to 75,642, compared to the 11.6% decline that occurred in the second quarter. The fall of the third quarter, according to Reuters collects , is the lowest since the final quarter of 2010 and coincides with the final deadline for deductibility for home purchase up to the end of 2012. However, according to the agency, foreign purchases rose for the fifth consecutive quarter, rising by 18% year between June and September to 8.803.transacciones. Although the Spanish real estate sector situation is still very bad, it seems that something is changing. CRASH PRICE And without doubt this is due to brutal price adjustment that has suffered in recent years from the beginning of the current crisis economical. The National Statistics Institute (INE) has been estimated at 25% from 2007 to mid-year. For the appraiser Tinsa, lower prices more or less from that date until now has been 31% on average but with more spectacular falls, up 37.2% on the Mediterranean coast or 33.5% big cities. And the problem for most analysts is that expected prices should continue to fall, at least until the 50% that fell as the value of homes in Ireland. provisioning land and housing The high rate of unemployment and lack of funding are the two main reasons for this situation is giving many headaches to the present Government. In fact, most of the financial reforms have been directed banks to provision the current value of land and housing.The next step has already launched the Government is the establishment of so-called bad bank, the Sareb that have to compete with their own portfolios of properties are selling banks with large rebates.

Miami is much more than beaches

Artists working in the area of ​​graffiti in Wynwood, Miami.  EFE "This show has become a true economic engine for Miami, it has impact on major sectors of the city," said Matti Herrera Bower, Mayor of Miami Beach, at the opening of this exhibition created in Basel, Switzerland, and celebrates 11 years an issue increasingly powerful at this point in the southeastern United States Art Basel is home to contemporary art enthusiasts headquartered in the Convention Center Miami Beach, but the pair are made at least 22 other exhibitions installed in large tents in the nearby neighborhoods of Midtown Miami and Wynwood. The best thing about this show and everything that happens in artistic these days in Miami is that art lovers converge U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, and in many cases they are very open to discovering collectors new talent from anywhere in the world, "said Cecilia Tanure, the Rio gallery A Gentil Carioca.

More than 250 galleries from 31 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Uruguay, last week opened its samples at Art Basel Miami Beach, the first contemporary art fair in the United States, which floods the edge and money sunny city of Florida.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Paris Hilton and River Viiperi , pure passion in Miami

Paris Hilton and River Viiperi, pure passion in MiamiAfter living one of the most special nights in tribute to his parents , Rick and Kathy Hilton, at a gala held in New York, Paris Hilton took the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time in the company of her boyfriend, the model Spanish  River Viiperi . The couple, very conjoined with looks virtually identical, enjoyed the pool a Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami where they were carried away by passion and gave us their most romantic snapshots."Ready for another wonderful day at the beach with @ RiverViiperi" wrote the billionaire in your social networking profile. "Day 2 in the pool with my beautiful blonde @ ParisHilton" added the model.


Hollywood star Demi Moore and her new lover Vito Schnabel make yourself comfortable in Miami seasonally. There, the painter's son will throw an elaborate party. As is appropriate for a seasoned art dealers, the festival also has an iridescent background.
At 23 degrees, it should be casual a lavish party, especially since the son of Star-painter Julian Schnabel's up (61) Large. Demi Moore (50) and her new toyboy Vito Schnabel (34) let it rip right tomorrow, as the "New York Post" reports. The "Dom Perignon" party is part of the "Art Basel Miami Beach" event, an exclusive and prestigious art events.
The international art fair should radiate properly and for the Hollywood star shine.More than 250 galleries from around the world offer Upmarket from the art scene, the fees for the smallest booth be suspicious filmstar 33,000 U.S. dollars. Opposite Demi Moore to give this opportunity to the celebrities handle in his hand. Star artists including Damien Hirst (47), actor Val Kilmer (52), the Russian multimillionaire Dasha Zhukova (31) or "Sotheby's" Chefauktionator Tobias Meyer (49).  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Art Basel Miami Beach celebrates its eleventh birthday

With the work of over 2000 artists on Thursday, the Art Basel Miami Beach has been opened.
The U.S. subsidiary of the Swiss Fair celebrates its eleventh birthday: 2002 was my first time in this context in Florida Modern Art has been shown by the base learning.The trade fair had taken place almost not this year.The New York galleries are among the most loyal customers of Art Basel Miami Beach.Many are, however, in the district of Chelsea and was by Hurricane "Sandy" in late October heavily affected.Several galleries reported that they only with great effort but to participate, many with a reduced program.Among the artists is also Julian Lennon, the son of ex-Beatle John Lennon.The musician, who is 50 years old next year, photographed for a few years.It shows some landscape shots.caused a stir, a work of art that will be shown only on the edge of the actual exhibition.It's about a Bugatti designed by Bernar Venet.The car is front orange and goes into a deep black.The Frenchman, who has lived for decades in New York, is actually known for his steel sculptures.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Miami Beach and Reykjavik in the race for World Out Games

The fourth worldOutgames in 2017 will take place either in the U.S. city of Miami Beach or in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.This was announced by the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) said on Tuesday. Following the first phase so that the other three candidate cities Denver, Rio de Janeiro and Rome out of the race. "Our members have to decide at our conference in February 2013 in Antwerp between two great cities," said the GLISA chairman Daniel Vaudrin. "Both cities are very different, but both equally exciting."worldOutgames to include not only sports tournaments, but also an equal cultural program as well as a third pillar of a human rights conference. Alternately held at the Gay Games event had. Their debut in 2006 in Montreal, Canada In 2009, the Danish capital, Copenhagen, was hostess. worldOutgames The third place from 21 July to 11 August 2013 in the Belgian city of Antwerp

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art Basel Miami Beach and other fairs attract mass collectors

Art Basel Miami Beach, the contemporary art fair largest in the United States, starting on Wednesday its eleventh edition in the city located in the southeastern United States, where he began to wander and gallerists, artists and collectors from around the world in search of its treasures.
While Art Basel is the main temple of this great feast of art, parallel exhibitions are developed 22 "satellites" of furniture design, jewelery and exhibition of murals and graffiti, turning Miami into a large gallery with tastes visited by millionaires avant-garde artists find eager patrons.
"South Florida is temporarily transformed into a mecca of art during Art Basel and we want to give people the opportunity to learn and experience the unique culture of our local artists diaspora," said Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones, referring to a parallel sample of African artists to be held in the Art District of the city.
Only Art Basel announces 257 galleries from 31 countries between 5 and 9 December. The main exhibition is held in the Convention Center Miami Beach, but also takes the streets of Art District, a few miles away, which hosts exhibitions of graffiti and exclusive parties.
"This is the time of year when the best of the artistic movement takes place in Miami, with artists and collectors from Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miami graffiti become pop art mecca

The heart of this neighborhood's murals is 'The Wynwood Walls', a room designed in 2009 by developer Tony Goldman, who proposed and achieved remarkable success with transforming cast aside windowless warehouses and industrial buildings of this depressed area of ​​Miami in giant open-air paintings capture the creativity of young artists.

Wynwood, the art district of Miami, reaffirm their status as the new trends regarding plastic. Graffiti area of ​​Wynwood, the art district of Miami, starting Wednesday reaffirm its status regarding the new currents of plastic, coinciding with the start of Art Basel Miami Beach, the largest art fair in the United States.

The current complex of six separate buildings, located in the street, has become a permanent center of artistic creation visited by tourists and locals who want to enjoy in Miami for more than just beaches and water sports.
The art shows are organized here are undoubtedly satellite fairs generate more attention during the celebration of Art Basel Miami Beach, which opens on December 6 and in which more than two thousand artists from around the world.
This sort of outdoor museum of street art, which is 'The Wynwood Walls', and all around, going well beyond the pure graffiti and has points a must, as the old building RC Cola, whose white walls are covered by the clever colorful internationally renowned artists in the world of street art.
The quote in Wynwood this year proposed the encounter with the work of over 40 artists from Europe, Asia, USA. UU. and A. America, whose work will cover the walls of the stores in the area.

The 5 begins the Art Basel in Miami

The New Yorker Miguel Paredes, known for his work in street art which uses animated characters, expose their graffiti, sculptures and paintings during Art Basel Miami, the most important art fair in the United States and with the participation of 257 galleries from 31 countries. "The Art Basel Miami is the time of truth, where we teach what we do best and we have five days of people around the world who come looking for who the new great artist," says Walls, who will meet from 5 to 9 December about eighty of his works. Paredes's work, which include versions of Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty or 'lucky cat' of the Chinese, is based in the pop universe, the animated dolls and graffiti culture of Manhattan. This year in Miami, this work shows both in Wynwood Walls Gallery, the neighborhood where a great part of the Miami art world, as in the Red Dot fair. Also exhibited during these key dates for American art industry in the Pop Up Gallery in Miami Beach, while planning a mural in the sophisticated club Caffeine, Wynwood. In this work not only New York's familiar characters but others created by him as' The Magic Flea, "which, he explained, included in almost every work. The Art Basel Miami Beach, which this year celebrates its eleventh edition. 

Miami Heat took command of the Eastern Conference

The victory of the Miami Heat on a direct rival puts them as leaders in the Eastern Conference, with a record of 12 wins and 3 losses. However, the side meeting was the Brooklyn Nets for most of the time. Under the command of Deron Williams , the New York team was a part of 0-11 for the start of the game that kept them afloat until the final moments of the third quarter. It was whenLeBron James and Dwyane Wade combined for 21 points in less than 10 minutes tying the score for the first time (73-73). Thereafter the party fell to Miami after a poor technical decisionAvery Johnson , leaving his team with one man in the paint instead of taking advantage of the weakness of the whole South Beach in that role.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Miami party lives

 Miami is the city of the United States more attractive from the point of view of its people and the second favorite to enjoy the holidays in the winter season and a favorite for Americans for nights out and weekend getaways week.
So says a study released today by the magazine Travel + Leisure , which has obtained this information from the opinions of his readers.
According to these views, Miami, Florida, regains the top spot this year as most attractive city in the country, a position he had not repeated since 2009.
Also, is placed between the top five cities in categories such as nightlife (nightlife spots and places for singles), ideal city for a weekend rampant and place to enjoy a pleasant winter, away from the cold.
The list of cities with the most attractive people also returns the first position at Miami, sharing that position with San Diego, the second largest city in California.
As for nightlife, get a fourth position, behind Austin (Texas), Las Vegas (Nevada) and New Orleans (Louisiana).
But Miami does not come out so well in the cultural field(number 30), as a city for shopping (21), quality of life and visitor experience (26) and restaurants to eat and drink (26).

Famous Miami developer chooses one of its skyscrapers to live

The millionaire property developer Cuban Jorge Perez, one of the most famous in the United States, has chosen one of his latest luxury condos Miami Beach to live with his family.
Perez, also an art collector, is known for the bold and unique design of skyscrapers that have dominated the "skyline" of Miami in recent decades.
His love of art parallel what has become a committed philanthropist promote Miami as leading cultural city in the United States. In fact, Perez, 63, has donated $ 35 million, part in cash and part in works of art, the new Miami Art Museum (MAM), which will open in 2013.

Art Week In Miami

The first event of commercial art of the twentieth century was in 1913, the Armory Show in New York showed the new artists of the time, among them Braque, Duchamp and Kandinsky. Today art fairs have surpassed auction houses first choice when purchasing art. They are adrenaline-charged events, art shows no curatorial line, a show of characters where intimacy, conviction, patience and focus on the purchase and sale of art are essentially nonexistent. The four major international art fairs are: Maastricht, Netherlands in March, Art Basel, Switzerland in June, Art Basel Miami Beach in December and Frieze London in October.

The former villa of Gianni Versace on sale

It was in 1992 that Gianni Versace moved into the Casa Casuarina located at 1116 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida.  Five years later, he was assassinated at his sumptuous villa by the American serial killer Andrew Cunanan.  At the height of his fame, the fashion designer is at the head of a powerful company that he himself created 29 years ago with her sister and her brother, Donatella and Santo Versace.

Listed for sale last June at a price of 125 million dollars (97 million euros), the luxurious villa Casa Casuarina, the former home of fashion designer Gianni Versace, is now for sale for "only" $ 100 million. Located in Miami Beach, Florida, it is one of the most expensive properties in the world.

Ricky Martin Sells Golden Beach Mansion For $12.8 Million

Ricky Martin finally sold his Golden Beach oceanfront mansion.

County records show Martin purchased the property in 2007 for $16.2 million. The Latin hit-maker hoped to grab $19 million when he put it up for sale, but settled for less after two years on the market.
Downsizing on Miami properties seems to be the name of the game for the father of two adopted twins, who just months ago sold his Miami Beach home in La Gorce barely in the black for $10.6 million.
Martin is reportedly planting more long-term roots in New York City, where he's been performing a lead role in the revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita.

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