Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miami graffiti become pop art mecca

The heart of this neighborhood's murals is 'The Wynwood Walls', a room designed in 2009 by developer Tony Goldman, who proposed and achieved remarkable success with transforming cast aside windowless warehouses and industrial buildings of this depressed area of ​​Miami in giant open-air paintings capture the creativity of young artists.

Wynwood, the art district of Miami, reaffirm their status as the new trends regarding plastic. Graffiti area of ​​Wynwood, the art district of Miami, starting Wednesday reaffirm its status regarding the new currents of plastic, coinciding with the start of Art Basel Miami Beach, the largest art fair in the United States.

The current complex of six separate buildings, located in the street, has become a permanent center of artistic creation visited by tourists and locals who want to enjoy in Miami for more than just beaches and water sports.
The art shows are organized here are undoubtedly satellite fairs generate more attention during the celebration of Art Basel Miami Beach, which opens on December 6 and in which more than two thousand artists from around the world.
This sort of outdoor museum of street art, which is 'The Wynwood Walls', and all around, going well beyond the pure graffiti and has points a must, as the old building RC Cola, whose white walls are covered by the clever colorful internationally renowned artists in the world of street art.
The quote in Wynwood this year proposed the encounter with the work of over 40 artists from Europe, Asia, USA. UU. and A. America, whose work will cover the walls of the stores in the area.

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