Friday, December 7, 2012

Art Basel Miami Beach celebrates its eleventh birthday

With the work of over 2000 artists on Thursday, the Art Basel Miami Beach has been opened.
The U.S. subsidiary of the Swiss Fair celebrates its eleventh birthday: 2002 was my first time in this context in Florida Modern Art has been shown by the base learning.The trade fair had taken place almost not this year.The New York galleries are among the most loyal customers of Art Basel Miami Beach.Many are, however, in the district of Chelsea and was by Hurricane "Sandy" in late October heavily affected.Several galleries reported that they only with great effort but to participate, many with a reduced program.Among the artists is also Julian Lennon, the son of ex-Beatle John Lennon.The musician, who is 50 years old next year, photographed for a few years.It shows some landscape shots.caused a stir, a work of art that will be shown only on the edge of the actual exhibition.It's about a Bugatti designed by Bernar Venet.The car is front orange and goes into a deep black.The Frenchman, who has lived for decades in New York, is actually known for his steel sculptures.

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