Monday, December 3, 2012

Miami party lives

 Miami is the city of the United States more attractive from the point of view of its people and the second favorite to enjoy the holidays in the winter season and a favorite for Americans for nights out and weekend getaways week.
So says a study released today by the magazine Travel + Leisure , which has obtained this information from the opinions of his readers.
According to these views, Miami, Florida, regains the top spot this year as most attractive city in the country, a position he had not repeated since 2009.
Also, is placed between the top five cities in categories such as nightlife (nightlife spots and places for singles), ideal city for a weekend rampant and place to enjoy a pleasant winter, away from the cold.
The list of cities with the most attractive people also returns the first position at Miami, sharing that position with San Diego, the second largest city in California.
As for nightlife, get a fourth position, behind Austin (Texas), Las Vegas (Nevada) and New Orleans (Louisiana).
But Miami does not come out so well in the cultural field(number 30), as a city for shopping (21), quality of life and visitor experience (26) and restaurants to eat and drink (26).

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