Monday, September 30, 2013

International Film Festival of Miami turns 30

Since that March afternoon when Nat Chediak and a handful of dreamers bet to create the International Film Festival of Miami's 's been 30 years.
However this film festival, now under the baton of Miami Dade College, has achieved international recognition achieved by Art Basel, The Book Fair, The Winter Music Conference and other events organized annually in the city of the sun.
When Chediak founded the festival in 1983, Miami was a paradise of sun, sea and palms showcases coveted by birds of passage as drug dealers, tourists and traders.
Consequently, interest in the cinema was scarce among the local population dominated by immigrants in search of the American dream.
"Times have changed, the first festival exhibited only twenty films presented all in one movie theater," recalls Silvia Rios, Miami Film Society member, moviegoers organization supporting the event. "Now the festival presented 150 films in a dozen theaters."
Some pageant fans think that while it has grown in quantity has not been the same with their quality.They complain usual programming and miss the days when Chediak offered a careful selection of movies and talking to the public about them.
"Nat is a teacher who knows a lot of movies, so the list of films offered was excellent," said Rios, Coral Gables resident investor, linked to the festival since its inception. "The other reason is that not the same 20 films chosen to present 150".
One of the ghosts that have haunted the festival over the past decade has been in the direction of instability.
After holding the event through thick and thin for 18 years, Chediak left office in 2001 due to differences with the International University of Florida , an organization that had taken the sponsorship of the festival two years ago.
The journalist David Poland has replaced Chediak for a brief period that ended when FIU left the event citing lack of funds. Since 2003, when MDC took control of the festival directors have paraded as Nicole Guillemet, Tiziana Finzi and Jaie LaPlante.
According to some experts, the conflict between the artistic vision of the directors and the financial demands imposed by an event of this magnitude, explain their frights. Laplante Director reported that the budget for the festival this year is 1.4 million.
"The MDC is a public organization and the festival is one of many programs you run, so the budget, but millionaire, always limited," said Rivers. "However, MDC is doing a great job."
New this year
Amid criticism and applause, the festival kicks off its 30th release on Friday at 7 pm at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, with a screening of Twenty Feet from Stardom.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lamborghini Event in Miami by the arrival of the new Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

Only a brand like Lamborghini could get an entire city like Miami was overturned by the arrival of the new Aventador LP700-4 Roadster. Landmarks such as "Ocean Drive" or "Collins Avenue" waiting for the passage of the convoy escorted by police of "Miami Beach".
At this exclusive event president did not miss the mark, Stephan Winkelmann, who was willing to drive the Aventador on the streets of the city. The brand wanted to surround himself with all his followers forming clubs in the area and organized a route to one of the city's airports.
There all those who wished could squeeze the most of your Lamborghini, this time, with police radarcustomer service to check the speed reached.
With this event, the Italian brand continues its progression in the U.S. , a market where its presence is growing ever greater.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miami recognizes the work of Gloria and Emilio Estefan

During the ceremony, the couple said he was honored to receive this recognition and serves as an incentive to continue working on the same line.

The Chamber of Commerce of Greater Miami yesterday acknowledged the path of marriage Gloria and Emilio Estefan and his contribution to the city's Latino community with the award "The Sand in My Shoes" ("Sand in the shoes")." The award 'The Sand In My Shoes' is given to outstanding community leaders who have made ​​significant contributions to the South Florida area, demonstrating their involvement, love and dedication to this community as the best place in which to live and work, "said Chamber of Commerce of Greater Miami in a statement. During the ceremony, the couple said he was honored to receive this recognition and serves as an incentive to continue working on the same line. Before handing the awards, is showed a video in which entrepreneurs Estefan thanked the city for their contribution to the development of Miami, especially in difficult times. before nearly a thousand people, Emilio and Gloria Estefan received two urns with individual-size prints and metal of shoes, a woman for the singer and a moccasin to the producer, on a bed of sand. Mayor of Miami-Dade, Carlos Jimenez, used the event to announce that on February 20, 2013 will be considered as the day of Emilio and Gloria Estefan in this county and presented the proclamation recognizes this, highlighted Efe. The top prize awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Miami rewards professional and humanitarian work of this popular couple, born in Cuba, but residents in the city for more than four decades. 's Estefan are a symbol of success of Latino culture in the United States after his successful musical, which began with the group The Miami Sound Machine, and his song "Conga" (1985) . 's work this marriage has gone beyond the list of sales, although Gloria has sold over one hundred million records and won three Grammys and four Latin Grammys, and have become a business with great influence in the business and leisure life in South Florida. Meanwhile, Emilio Estefan not only managed the career of his wife but also contributed to the success of other stars like Shakira, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jon Secada, among many others . Transcendence of his career has led to who is preparing a musical on Broadway that narrate the most important moments of your life.Currently the couple is working on the release of a new album by Gloria in which the singer revisits great classics American music. The couple owns, among others, the restaurant chain Bongos Cuban food, which has locations in Miami, Orlando and Hollywood (Florida), and the restaurant Larios on the Beach and the Cardozo Hotel, both located in the legendary Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.The annual "Sand in My Shoes", established in 1981, admitted in the past to Congressmen Dante Fascell and William Lehman, the director of Miami Dade College, Eduardo J. Padron Botifoll and bankers Luis Carlos Arboleya and businessman Armando Codina, among others.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Versace's mansion in Miami, one of the most expensive homes in the United States

One of the most expensive properties USA. Nothing more and nothing less than $ 100 million mansion costs Gianni Versace , who was murdered in July 1997. This week has been for salethe Italian designer house, known as the "Casa Casuarina" , a jewel of South Florida.
The Versace mansion rescued from ruin and restored in 1992, is the second most photographed house in the United States , after the White House.
Located on Ocean Drive , which concentrates the nightlifeMiami . With over 2,000 square meters, has 10 rooms , each decorated with different themes and frescoed ceilings, and 11 bathrooms , some with gold details.
One of its main attractions is the pool . The personal logo Versace Medusa head, is one of its ornaments. 16 meters long, is made ​​of gold mosaics and is in an impressive garden with statues and fountains, the preferred designer.There also remains a planetarium itself.
Versace devised the mansion as his retirement home occasionally, but gradually became hisfavorite residence was near the palace in Lake Como, Italy.
Italian designer bought the mansion, dating back to the 30s, in 1992 for $ 10 million.Subsequently, invested 33 million restoration and expansion. In the middle of last year was the sale of $ 125 million , but did not show any interest.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cristian Castro gives his Miami mansion to his ex-wife

Cristian Castro has given to his ex-wife Valeria Liberman, both acquired by residence in Coral Gables, Florida in December 2004, five months after marrying, and for which they paid just over $ 3 million.
Despite being divorced and, Valeria Liberman and Cristian Castro shared the rights and obligations of the home, but finally decided to transfer her to Castro Liberman, not to have more expenses in imnuele.
It is said that the son of Veronica Castro last December paid nearly $ 40,000 that was owed on the property tax.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Festivals flooded streets of Miami during 2013

The city of Miami offers ideal conditions 365 days a year to host festivals, fairs and exhibitions. During 2013, international events flood the streets of the capital of the Sun and here's what the most salient.

Weekend Art Deco at its 35th edition, is held in mid-January at the Miami Beach Historic District with art exhibits, musical performances, films, theater, parades and more. For more information visit .
 In mid-February, is held the Miami Carnival , the largest street festival in the United States . The event includes beauty pageants, musical performances, art, cooking and surprises. Visit for more information.
The Miami Film Festival is an event from March 1 having a hundred films from over 30 countries in 10 days!
Delicious event is the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in April, tasting the best rum brands in the world, seminars and competitions. brings an art show, books, food and Cuban music in the Fair Expo Center in Miami , especially since mid-May.
Miami Beach is full of thousands of visitors in the month of June at the American Film Festival Back ( ) with film premieres, lectures, conferences and awards to the best of the African-American film industry.
In September offers a sample of more than 1,500 wines from over twenty countries in theMiami Beach Convention Center .
The is an event with the best of classical and jazz music for all lovers of the arts rhythmic.
Certainly, during the 2013 Miami offers a wide range of activities for all people who are in the city.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Developers And Investors From New York Consider Miami To Be The Next SoHo

Developers And Investors From New York Consider Miami To Be The Next SoHo
Sam Tawfik, a developer from New York, is investing nearly $12 million on 27
apartments found within the Midtown Miami area that used to be somewhat desolate
but is proving to be one of the most highly anticipated locations within Miami today."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Venezuelans in Miami awaiting Chavez's health

The candidate for whom they voted, Henrique Capriles, the opposition lost.Resigned to see President Hugo Chavez in power six years, she and many resumed their lives Venezuelan expatriates in the United States, convinced that it will be long before there are changes in your country. But now that Chavez has serious health problems Venezuela is again mired in uncertainty and so do thousands of Venezuelans living in Miami but have one foot in Venezuela are cautiously optimistic that Chavez may continue to pursue the presidency and that there will be new elections in his country, but do not know how fast will be called. "It's traumatic for all Venezuelans," said Sollami, who is 22 and whose father still lives in Venezuela. 
Chavez should take the oath and begin a new term on January 10, but not what has been seen or heard from him since he underwent on December 11 to a fourth operation related cancer that afflicts him. Vice President Nicolás Maduro, Chavez's favorite to succeed him if something happens, said the president had suffered complications related to a respiratory infection and that his condition was "delicate." If Chavez can not take the oath on January 10 before the Assembly National, the constitution stipulates that we must call elections within 30 days and in the meantime the president should exercise the National Assembly president. Similarly Cuban exiles cheered when Fidel Castro fell ill five years ago Venezuelans in Miami expect Chavez health disorders pave the way for a leadership change. In the 14 years since Chavez in power, however, Venezuelans who have left their country have adapted to the United States and most would not return to their country, at least in the short term, if the president dies. "Calculation that 70% would stay here, "said Ernesto Ackerman, president of the nonprofit organization Citizens Independent Venezuelan-American. "They're too settled." Over 189,000 Venezuelan immigrants living in the U.S., including 91,000 in Florida, according to the national census. The largest concentration occurs in southern Florida, in communities like Doral and Weston, now called "Doralzuela" and "Westonzuela" by the amount of Venezuelan shops, where you can eat dishes like arepas and capachas. Most are came because they disagree with Chavez's socialist government, were frightened by the number of kidnappings and murders, or thought they had a better economic future in the United States, but many have relatives in Venezuela and travel home to see their families or business. "They have lost their identity Venezuelan" said Thomas Boswell, professor of geography at Miami University. "They have not completely assimilated, but quickly adapted to life in the United States." In some ways, these communities are what Little Havana was for Cubans who arrived after the 1959 communist revolution. 
The parallels abound: The first wave of immigrants was middle class and upper-settled professionals with varying degrees of success. Both communities felt that their stay would be temporary and then realized that last much longer than initially expected and the two retain a great affection for their country. But the similarities end there. Chavez was democratically elected and re-elected several times, while Castro came to power in an armed revolution and while Cubans have benefited from an immigration policy which basically allows you to stay in the country to any Cuban who sets foot on U.S. soil, Venezuelans not have the same privileges, but anyway many have become naturalized. "We have to see what happened (with the Cubans) and draw lessons, but they are two very different situations," said Ackerman, the director of the Venezuelan organization Americans. Venezuelans in Miami launched a campaign to encourage voting last year and organized bus trips by car to New Orleans when Chavez closed the consulate of South Florida. Many believed that Capriles could win and were disappointed when he lost. "Right now the community feels very, very depressed about what happened in the last election," said Ackerman.
 "They say this is not going to go on forever, we should become citizens of the United States." That's what I think Bridgitte Jaffe, who left Venezuela in 2007. Homeownership and there was an estate agent, but he watched every day the situation in the country deteriorated and increased agitation. now works in the field of real estate in South Florida and also has its own department. He says he will stay, regardless of what happens with Chavez. "When you come and start working and have kids here, do not come back," said Jaffe. Doral has only recently with the first Venezuelan Florida mayor, Luigi Boria , who says that most of the people who voted think so. "I think my country is the United States now," said Boria, who came in 1989. Venezuelans say maybe celebrate the death of Chavez, but is unlikely to be mass demonstrations of joy, as when Fidel Castro ceded power to his brother Raul due to health problems in 2008. Like the Cubans, Venezuelans believe that there will be significant changes in the short term. "I feel relieved" if Chavez leave power, Sollami said. "I think things would improve soon in Venezuela." 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kim Kardashian with dolphins in Miami

Whatever you do Kim Kardashian always gets all the attention. This time, it was in the Miami Seaquarium where the queen of reality shows has shared some time with bottlenose dolphins. Kim has shared on their website photos posing with dolphin and a smile from ear to ear. 
The photo was taken by her sister Kourtney , who accompanied Kim to Miami, and also attended this boyfriend, Scott Disick. Both Kardashian sisters wanted to approach the dolphin and tinker with it, whereas Scott remained more in the distance and not wanted to approach both.This event is not open to only one class of people like the Kardashians but the aquarium has a program that lets everyone go and spend some time with the dolphins. Kim and Kourtney were in Miami shooting the new season their show and were able to draw on a break to get away and relax as much camera.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Invests $ 2 billion expansion Miami

The Port of Miami, one of the cruise terminals and loads more in the world, investing more than $ 2 billion in expansion to meet the ships postpanamax transiting the Panama Canal after 2015, according to a report in the New York Times.
Improvements in infrastructure and equipment in the U.S. port corresponding to the interest in preparing to meet expected demand in the seaborne trade will be the expansion of the road.
According to the publication, the project to dredge the Port of Miami approved by the Corps of Engineers of the Navy in April 2012.
At the same time the city is building a tunnel system at a cost of billions of dollars to connect the port with the interstate highway system.
Miami logistics operators and service industries marine cargo are very excited about the expansion, the report said.
"This change, along with the recent approval of the Ministry of Economy to Foreign Trade Zone, and the changes in the infrastructure in the Miami International Airport, will give further impetus to the leadership of this city in shipping with Latin America" , told the Boroski Ashley, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations Lilly & Associates International.
But Miami is not the only U.S. port that has made investments to address post-Panamax vessels that pass through the new locks. Similarly plan remain the ports of New York and New Jersey, Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, Jacksonville and Florida.
The east coast port of Baltimore now has 14 cranes stories high, in preparation for the huge post-Panamax containerships and superpostpanamax.
"We believe this will be a big win for us," said James J. daily White, executive director of the Maryland Port Administration.
But after the huge investments the question arises who think they will be benefited few.
The publication notes that with everyone preparing and competing for a share of the business, experts worry that every part of this is less than what was projected.
However, the administration of the Canal itself does believe that the expansion of the road will attract a great commercial that mainly agitirá ports on the east coast of the United States.

Sofia Vergara's fiance thrown out of Miami nightclub

 Nick Loeb, the fiance of actress Sofia Vergara, was thrown out of a Miami Beach nightclub after getting into a verbal altercation, the New York Daily News said on Wednesday.

The incident occurred in the wee hours of Tuesday at Story, a club near the Delano Hotel, where the Colombian beauty and Loeb had earlier hosted a New Year's Eve party.
The trouble started when another guest in the club's VIP section bumped into Vergara, star of the ABC comedy "Modern Family," causing her to spill her drink.
Loeb, according to witnesses, demanded that the man apologize, despite Vergara's wish to let the matter go. The couple began to argue and the club's security guards intervened, hustling Loeb out the back door, the witnesses said.
Hours later, Vergara posted on Twitter a photo of Loeb with her mother, an apparent signal that all was forgiven.