Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kim Kardashian with dolphins in Miami

Whatever you do Kim Kardashian always gets all the attention. This time, it was in the Miami Seaquarium where the queen of reality shows has shared some time with bottlenose dolphins. Kim has shared on their website photos posing with dolphin and a smile from ear to ear. 
The photo was taken by her sister Kourtney , who accompanied Kim to Miami, and also attended this boyfriend, Scott Disick. Both Kardashian sisters wanted to approach the dolphin and tinker with it, whereas Scott remained more in the distance and not wanted to approach both.This event is not open to only one class of people like the Kardashians but the aquarium has a program that lets everyone go and spend some time with the dolphins. Kim and Kourtney were in Miami shooting the new season their show and were able to draw on a break to get away and relax as much camera.

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