Thursday, December 25, 2014

US builders move cautiously in real frontier Cuba

The decision of Barack Obama to end half a century of enmity with Cuba encourages the prospect that US hotel operators and developers to enter the tourist market of the island.

Shortly after the announcement of the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba, the head of acquisitions of Fortune International Realty, headquartered in Miami , sent an email to the Chief Executive, Edgardo Defortuna, with plans to investigate any change of ownership of real estate on the island.

"Much remains to US companies can do real estate development," he said in an interview Defortuna, whose company builds condominiums and hotels in South Florida.

"However, the natural beauty of the area, the excellent climate, the Latin flavor and the fact that there has been no major real estate development for over 50 years justify analyzing the possibilities."

The decision by US President Barack Obama to end half a century of enmity with Cuba encourages the prospect that US hotel operators and developers, including Marriott International Inc. and Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., can enter the tourism market which is just 145 kilometers (90 miles) off the coast of Florida.

To do so, they must address a long way for recognition of a zone of unclear property laws and government control, indicating that move with caution.

Transparent laws
greater transparency is needed in terms of real estate laws and banking infrastructure and a system of title insurance before US investors are attracted to Cuba, said Gregory Rumpel, a managing director in Miami group Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels Inc.

On the other hand, the fact that the island is so close to the United States, one of the largest consumer markets in the world, will be a magnet, said.

"When travel restrictions are lifted, the flow will be huge," Rumpel said. "It's a country that has a large colonial history, but also has mountains, rivers, infrastructure".

The influx of tourists to Cuba grew almost 12% in October to 187,311 visitors, according to the National Bureau of Statistics of Cuba. Around 2.9 million tourists visited the island in 2013, according to the office. Almost one-third came from Canada. Cuba, the second most visited Caribbean country after Dominican Republic, according to a mid-year analysis of the region, currently has 200 hotels with a total of between 35,000 and 38,000 rooms, Rumpel said.

Canadians and Europeans dominate foreign investment, he said, and among the major operators Spanish Meliá Hotels International SA, Barceló Hotels and Resorts Novotel Hotels are counted.

Hotel operators in the United States are in a better position to enter the market developers looking to build, said Eddy Arriola, president of Apollo Bank, a lender for real estate projects based in Miami.

"Companies that are already there are hotel operators," he said. "Americans developers will find it much harder because the principal owner of the land is the Cuban government."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Miami developers fishes for Argentinian investors

With a new profile and a strong commitment to cultural projects, international developers looking to attract retail investors in Argentina willing to purchase property in Miami. With the local market paralyzed by the dollar and stocks fall in activity, investments in the main town of Florida add followers. So much so that between 2012 and 2013, Argentine t he spent more than U $ S2.000 million in property in the United States, according to President Cristina Kirchner last year.
In recent weeks, Buenos Aires hosted several conventions to which real estate developers showcased their different projects.
 "Miami is booming. It is the eighth most visited city worldwide. Development is gaining prominence in the infrastructure of the city and ventures related to culture," some  realtors says
"There is a cultural offering that is settling nicely. Has been formed arts district that summons European investors, Venezuelans, Brazilians, Mexicans, Argentines and Russians," says De la Vega. The four projects that came to Buenos Aires to present ranging from Brickell City Center, a joint venture in the financial and commercial district of the city to One Thousand Museum, condominium with luxury residences and a museum designed by the Iranian architect Zaha Hadid , to be built in the Downtown. "Despite the crisis, Argentina remains an important market for us," he says.
With the crisis of 2008-2009, the real estate bubble burst and property prices collapsed in Miami. According to the executive "whole precrisis inventory was absorbed 50% of its value. Since prices recovered, especially in the premium market."
According to Property Report, Argentines occupy seventh place in the ranking of investors in the United States, with the cities of Miami and Orlando at the head of preferences. Market data indicates that the performance that can be obtained by putting a property for rent in Miami Rocks 7% annually, a rate that doubles the yields seen in the city of Buenos Aires.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

NBA free agent market is on Fire

The list is on fire since the Big Three of Miami Heat is declared eligible. These leave a list of very greedy for GM free agents.
This year more than ever franchises have one eye open and one closed for 24 hours a day not to stop at any time to meet market so attractive free agents this summer dance.

The plus danger of having names that are not only All Sta r, but in the distant future will be Hall of Famers multiplies the stress and nerves by summer 1000.

Once Lebron Jame s, came to the fore for free agents would say that the thing became more interesting. A megastar of Akron and showered him with bids rumors about a possible destination. Perhaps a return to Ohio, where he went from being loved, having the keys to the city in property, to be the greatest tyrant and a character that hated by his former followers. Despite their comings and goings, the future of King joined Kyrie Irving and promises of Cleveland would be the best news in the Quickens Loans Arena .

But the list does not end in Heat 6. His colleagues in the Big Three of Miami will also be an important quebradero to Riley, Spoelstra and the people of South Beach . Both Bosh and Wade are on the list of Free Agents . Sun, however, its high near 20 million salaries make a complicated and expensive gamble.

Phil Jackson and the executives of the Big Apple will also be working hard to protect its flagship. Melo Anthony has many doubts about his future. Rockets , Lakers and Heat even have sounded to the eaves of Syracuse . However, landing the Guru in Madison can spur on 7 orange desperately looking for a ring. You need a computer with options and you just need to think about whether Phil will be able to give you possibilities ... and his 11 rings will amply attest.

Furthermore, Pau Gasol, Zach Randolph and innumerable cracks make this list very attractive.

With all this, although draft night has not given us a lot of moves, we must pay close attention ...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Peruvian departments buy more than $ 3 million in Miami

The buyer went from Peruvian departments purchase of $ 300 thousand to U.S. $ 400 thousand to give commercial purposes, ie resell or rent them.
The Peruvian buyer who wants to 
purchase land in foreign cities property search is over $ 400 thousand properties with investments of over U.S. $ 1 million, said Andres Valdivieso, director of sales Muse luxury real estate project in Miami, United USA.
In the real estate business is luxury all the contacts, and Valdivieso, who works for the developer PMG , you know.So, when the runners began the Miami area to talk Peruvian buyer paid attention.
"What we started to find out when we talk to real estate agents was that Peru was going to buy apartments from $ 300 thousand to $ 400 thousand for commercial purposes, ie, for resale or to rent, to focus on land by over a million dollars, "says the executive.
So I decided to check the data and the smell did not fail him.Valdivieso offers the Muse project, a luxury building with 50 floors and 68 apartments in the Sunny South in Miami, where the humblest space costs $ 3.8 million and the most expensive U.S. $ 8 million in Lima is grounds between 230 to 320 square meters overlooking the ocean or bay. And this landscape has six Peruvian owners who have booked apartment in the complex.
"I can not detail the prices of each sale, but I can say that they have purchased from the properties of U.S. $ 3.8 billion to the more expensive," he said.
He added that, at this time, 20% of the clientele of these projects will come from Peru, while 60% of their clientele comes from the region.

This budget increase of Peruvians to buy in Miami has been in the past five years, he said.

Real estate boom in north and central areas

Cancun Qroo. According to MiamiRealEstateInc The real estate market in Mexico will grow 6.5% this year;however, in the cities of the north and center of the country will be greater the expansion, according to estimates by the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI)
States such as Queretaro, Veracruz and Puebla and cities like Tijuana, Los Cabos, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are the points at which further growth, because they have shown recovery is expected, said executive vice president and national coordinator of regions AMPI, Antonio Hanna Grayeb.
Only Cancun and the Riviera Maya hotel occupancy report sustained above 80% since 2013 and, precisely, the rebound in economic activity leading every city has a direct impact on real estate.
"In the case of the Bajio, there is a boom in industrial areas, growth in the automotive and manufacturing, and it also affects growth will have the sale of residential property this year," he said.
With respect to Tijuana, he said, is a very special case, because it is a city that was marked by the issue of insecurity and violence; however, today there are also an interesting economic activity in the manufacturing sector, which is moving other sectors of the economy as it is real.
"In these cities the markets are already well defined; most Americans and Canadians is concentrated in Cancun and Los Cabos, while the European market and more recently a percentage of South Americans prefer options like Riviera Maya and Tulum, for his concepts of harmony with the environment ", he said.
Considered the possible adoption of the 27 constitutional reform that would allow foreigners to acquire property in the coastal areas of the country, would give a boost to the sector to 15% immediately to the approval of the reform; however, Linda Neil Jones, representative in Mexico of the National Association of Realtors, said that although at the time looked favorably upon the reform of Article 27 of the Constitution, today considered very remote possibility that, by the time that has elapsed since approval in the House of Representatives and Senators brake later.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Porsche Design: When the luxury cars in the "Sky Garage" lives

In Miami, a skyscraper for billionaires and their luxury cars will be built. You can use the elevator to the 60th Stock drive and park in the "Sky Garage".A Car Concierge of course there are The Porsche Design Tower in Miami Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, SL, BMW, Rolls Royce or Bentley is not weggeparkt in a loose style garage. In the 60-story luxury building the luxury cars get their own "Sky Garage"
The progress and the luxury are brothers, you see it in a car. A few years ago was still laughing at the following sports car joke. It's Sunday, the sun is shining, and the Schmidts start spontaneously for a spin.
"Do you have your glasses here, honey?" She asks.
Then he: ". Do not worry, the windshield is sanded on the recipe"
No man would still smile about that reality has overtaken the joke.Almost nothing is more inconceivable, almost anything is possible, almost anything is possible, and a car is much more than just a car.

"Cars are art," says Gil Dezer. Gil is 39 and at home not a painting by Andy Warhol or van Gogh hung on the wall, but an old Porsche 550, namely diagonal, right above the door to the bedroom. Normal wears Gil's hair as ponytail, but today exceptionally generous open weightless they flutter in the balmy breeze at the beach.
He also wears chunky basketball boots, casual and loose it is putting the shirt on the comfy jeans. Gil looks like the Jim next door or the opposite of John, but in any case not as the CEO of "Dezer Development", which is building the largest skyscrapers in South Florida and out of its 2.5-million-dollar Bugatti still 28 more cars in the garage has. "I am car crazy," says Gil - so highly car-crazy.

Dream vehicle belongs in the sky

That explains much, and they give him on the spot mitigating circumstances for what will shake the world in the near future - at least that world that has no idea how such a car maniac is ticking, and that he does not understand first of all that a Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, SL, BMW, Rolls Royce or Bentley is weggeparkt simply rude in a stylish loose basement garage, so in a cellar hole, as in a prison, as it were condemned to a dark cell. For Gil Dezer this is hell. A dream vehicle belongs to heaven, he says - "in a Sky Garage."
Sunny Isles in North Miami Beach. Here Dezer is the king, to put it bluntly heard of Collins Avenue, the beach road, about half him and half his friend Eric Trump, the son of a major investor Donald Trump. 1995 Dezer started here, buying up old hotels. "Drug addicts and prostitutes" were finishing up there, he recalls, and he has six luxury towers built over it.Now he pulls the seventh high - and what it tells us about the sounds dizzying. "We set the bar high," says Dezer, "into a new dimension of luxury."
The Porsche Design Tower, like the marvel is, is two hundred feet high and gives radically with all the architectural conventionality on. The amazing thing is not the 60 floors, which can be necessary even have elsewhere. What is new: Dezer offers parking in heaven - with a sea view. If your Ferrai (but it may also be a Fiat 500 may be) want to treat this breathtaking view: Buy one of 132 luxury apartments (on the price we come later) and put your body in front of one of the three lifts - a robot lifts the Auto automatically into it, and with high speed, it goes straight to the top.
Why a robot, why the driver must not remain seated in it? "Because we do not want to go suddenly from a mistake on the gas occurs on the 50th floor - and pfffff" laughs Gil. An empty car solo in the lift is safer.
So a trip to the top takes between 45 and 90 seconds and I can already picture beautiful, four-wheeled darling parked next to the bedroom of his master, separated only by a glass wall. "Men want to see their car," says Dezer. Men like him.

Car lifts, sky garages, wash columns, tire services and car Concierge

When he's not moving his 25-meter yacht in the near Bal Harbour, located Dezer enjoys his 29 Coolers wide fleet. "All works of art," he says, and because there are many men among the rich and famous who feel like Gil, he offers them in his tower all: Car lifts, sky garages, wash columns, tire services and a car concierge for the full care - while the ladies the house pamper yourself in the hair salon, indulge in yoga or sunbathing on the terrace pools at a dizzy height above the sea, go to the macho men of their automotive passion, like also the racing simulator with built-in Formula 1 feeling. Dezer: "My idea was to do something that has never existed."
Two to four parking spaces belong to all apartments, which he so as not to make the understatement guilty calls "residences". The architecture is exclusive to unique: Huge balconies facing the sea, huge glass fronts, unlimited view - and all so decided to use that you can light his Havana up there without the wind from the ocean blows out the match.
For whom is that all?
"For people to understand the difference," says Dezer. So for people who have a certain something, but most of all that extra money. From $ five million one is there, but the penthouse, says Gil, there is only "north of 33 million." His customers nod as only. Billionaires. Jet set.Sometimes he sees her for the Bugatti-annual meetings, most recently in Dubai. But he does not pant after them. "You will find us," says Gil.
After the Lehman bankruptcy and the collapse of the real estate market it has come to him, the great idea that sounds like this: "We are now making something that is so unique, so crazy, so powerful, so incredible that we no longer for buyers need to look at the need to finance We are looking for people who have the money -., and have respect for something that is so 'wow' is that they want it. "

Nearly $ 600 million are already sure

109 kingdoms have spontaneously "wow!" said. Almost $ 600 million has already Dezer so sure. "Three to four super-VIPs" were among them, he says discreetly. Above all, Brazilians and Argentines buy. And New Yorkers. And Russians. German? "Nobody," says Gil, "but made in Germany is for the quality of the facility. Cuisine. Bathrooms. Only the toilet is Japanese, even the water temperature is automatically controlled." But you have to pee yet yourself? "Still," laughs Gil.
The only German in the sales office is on the day the broker Wolfgang Schwarz, who for 30 years with his company makes "U.S. black" in Miami Beach real estate and solicits the Tower of Dezer. "I thought so far, I know about skyscrapers luxury all," marvels black.
Visions are indeed sometimes controversial. "Those who have visions must to the doctor" to former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt said - but Dezer, with its walks prefer to Germany for company Porsche Design.He has eingerannt Open Doors. "This tower is converted into reality dream," has him Roland Heiler certify the local master of design, "and Miami is the place for it But above all is clear. A Porsche Design Tower, it must be feasible, be to take car into the apartment, no matter in which floor. "

Sea view towards Bahamas

"Hey Dad," shouts Gil Dezer. Father Michael, 73, founder of the real estate empire, looks in short. In 1941, he was born in Tel Aviv, "at war".He does not talk much about the dark past, only that he has at home mitgekriegt as a child nor a smattering of German ("Mirror, mirror on the wall ..."). Rather, he tells of his later success as emigrants in New York, and as Trump partner in Miami.
A big car museum passes of pensioners now, a few streets away.1200 Classic cars are there, and each has its history, the 1948 Ford from "Grease", the '81 DeLorean from "Back to the Future", the Land Rover from "Skyfall," the Soviet tank T-55 of "Golden Eye", or '59 Cadillac from "Ghostbusters" - in fact it is the desk of the old Dezer, over modeled in the office in the Trump Palace, a Cadillac.
"But in two years, we are moving," says Gil son.
Until then, his dream tower is finished. Then he can finally take his Porsche 550 from the living room wall at the Trump Palace and stand in a new penthouse, where the old speedster has stunning sea views towards the Bahamas. As above, in the 60th Stock would then be like any car.