Saturday, July 5, 2014

NBA free agent market is on Fire

The list is on fire since the Big Three of Miami Heat is declared eligible. These leave a list of very greedy for GM free agents.
This year more than ever franchises have one eye open and one closed for 24 hours a day not to stop at any time to meet market so attractive free agents this summer dance.

The plus danger of having names that are not only All Sta r, but in the distant future will be Hall of Famers multiplies the stress and nerves by summer 1000.

Once Lebron Jame s, came to the fore for free agents would say that the thing became more interesting. A megastar of Akron and showered him with bids rumors about a possible destination. Perhaps a return to Ohio, where he went from being loved, having the keys to the city in property, to be the greatest tyrant and a character that hated by his former followers. Despite their comings and goings, the future of King joined Kyrie Irving and promises of Cleveland would be the best news in the Quickens Loans Arena .

But the list does not end in Heat 6. His colleagues in the Big Three of Miami will also be an important quebradero to Riley, Spoelstra and the people of South Beach . Both Bosh and Wade are on the list of Free Agents . Sun, however, its high near 20 million salaries make a complicated and expensive gamble.

Phil Jackson and the executives of the Big Apple will also be working hard to protect its flagship. Melo Anthony has many doubts about his future. Rockets , Lakers and Heat even have sounded to the eaves of Syracuse . However, landing the Guru in Madison can spur on 7 orange desperately looking for a ring. You need a computer with options and you just need to think about whether Phil will be able to give you possibilities ... and his 11 rings will amply attest.

Furthermore, Pau Gasol, Zach Randolph and innumerable cracks make this list very attractive.

With all this, although draft night has not given us a lot of moves, we must pay close attention ...

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