Sunday, June 22, 2014

Peruvian departments buy more than $ 3 million in Miami

The buyer went from Peruvian departments purchase of $ 300 thousand to U.S. $ 400 thousand to give commercial purposes, ie resell or rent them.
The Peruvian buyer who wants to 
purchase land in foreign cities property search is over $ 400 thousand properties with investments of over U.S. $ 1 million, said Andres Valdivieso, director of sales Muse luxury real estate project in Miami, United USA.
In the real estate business is luxury all the contacts, and Valdivieso, who works for the developer PMG , you know.So, when the runners began the Miami area to talk Peruvian buyer paid attention.
"What we started to find out when we talk to real estate agents was that Peru was going to buy apartments from $ 300 thousand to $ 400 thousand for commercial purposes, ie, for resale or to rent, to focus on land by over a million dollars, "says the executive.
So I decided to check the data and the smell did not fail him.Valdivieso offers the Muse project, a luxury building with 50 floors and 68 apartments in the Sunny South in Miami, where the humblest space costs $ 3.8 million and the most expensive U.S. $ 8 million in Lima is grounds between 230 to 320 square meters overlooking the ocean or bay. And this landscape has six Peruvian owners who have booked apartment in the complex.
"I can not detail the prices of each sale, but I can say that they have purchased from the properties of U.S. $ 3.8 billion to the more expensive," he said.
He added that, at this time, 20% of the clientele of these projects will come from Peru, while 60% of their clientele comes from the region.

This budget increase of Peruvians to buy in Miami has been in the past five years, he said.

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